Monday, May 28, 2012

Regime has arrested Manijeh Najm - Eraqi the Iranian writer and secretary of the Association of Iranian writers !

How long this regime can continue this way???!!!!

Iran has become a big jail for freedom loving Iranian ! 
Wave of arrest has already started in all over Iran again as we are approaching the month of June. It was in June 2009 presidential election when Khamenei-Ahmadinejad rigged the election by making a presidential coup d'eta and because of that; millions of Iranian poured into the street calling: Where is My Vote?
regime agents from the ministry of Information and Sepah intelligence are arresting everyone they suspect .
Streets of Tehran and other city's ,once again has become the maneuver ground for regime forces ; the Basij Militia- Sepah and Ministry of information agents.    
just in one week two prominent personality : Fariborz Raisdana ( Economist -professor and writer- member of the Association of Iranian writers) and Manijeh Najm -Eraqi  the Iranian writer -translator and secretary of the Association of Iranian Writers.Both were sentenced in the past to a year of prison and when they attended the court of revolution ,were arrested and detained in Evin prison.

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