Monday, May 21, 2012

Masih Alinejad Iranian Journalist:" Everyone should tell the story of Siamak to one person" !

"Everyone should tell the story of Siamak to one person", Asking Masih Alinejad the Iranian journalist.
Written by Masih Alinajad.
Do you remember that, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Colombia University said: " We  don't have gays in Iran"?
At that time Siamak Ghaderi was a reporter of IRNA News Agency which was under Ahmadinejad's Government supervision , but do you know what Siamak did?
He wasn't able to "praise " and  "flatter" the boss but remained a journalist and went interviewed a number of Iranian Gays. He simply did his task as a journalist.
Later after the presidential election rigging when Siamak didn't like the way IRNA was reporting on the situation ,he created a Weblog known as " Our IRNA" and posted true reports which was censored in IRAN. Because of that,Siamak Ghaderi is sentenced to four years prison term with cash fine and 60 lashes. Many do not know Siamak and did not hear his painful stories ,but everyone who are close to him, know that he is calm and spends his youthful time quietly in prison and getting older .
Everyone should tell the story of Siamak at least to one person.......
Siamak wrote a letter to his wife and told her that ; " He missed her and he rather tell the truth and pay the price than tell the stories which are lies and ..........
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