Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The complainant to" Araki" Cartoonist withdraw his complaint

Today's news from Iran:

1- MP withdraw his complaint against Mahmoud Sherabeh the Iranian cartoonist who draw the MP's cartoon.
Thanks to the worldwide support and solidarity with the Iranian cartoonist.

2-Jamali-Fashi A young Iranian was sent today to the gallows for allegedly assassinating Masoud Alimohammadi the Iranian nuclear scientist in the past.
It remain a mystery for Iranian citizens to wonder who was this person? what was his motive? and how a young Iranian became an agent of Israeli intelligence and had the order to kill this scientist? There are many questions in the mind of Iranian which is left to be answered and the judiciary system ,the way it runs, adds to the mystery and leaves the Iranian people to wonder what happened here? A young life has been taken ,while another person supposedly was killed by him. Senseless revenge and execution which is not helping the society to mercy but to violence upon violence.
Time to Abolish the Death Penalty !

3-Narges Mohammadi the Iranian lawyer and a human rights defender who is sentenced to imprisonment and currently serving the prison term, was brought to prison clinic -suffering from muscle paralysis and nervous system.Her husband reported that ; she told him ,Ministery of Information is responsible if anything happens to me while in prison.


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