Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Maryam Malekpour,sister of Said Malekpour the Iranian -Canadian sentenced to death in Iran : We have visited Said after three months of no news about him!

Said Malekpour's sister Maryam Malekpour on speaking with International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said: "After three months of ban on visitation, finally two weeks ago we were able to visit him . He had good spirit, but had no news about his death sentence which was forwarded for execution,therefore we kept quiet not to make him worry.His lawyer also did not receive any letter indicating his client sentence was forwarded for execution,but we worry very much that suddenly they will execute the death sentence.When asked why his visitation rights was banned? she replied : We spoke with many officials and wrote many letters to officials to let us to visit him, but it didn't go much far and the officials were trying to convince Said to make confession in front of video, but Said didn't agree to their demands and this could be the reason.He is suffering from kidney stone and the prison officials weren't allowing him to be go to hospital ,even his cell mates were asking the prison officials to transfer him to the hospital, but the officials believed the prison clinic is sufficient. When i heard about his suffering ,i spoke with a specialist and he prescribed medication which i brought for him and thanks god he is better now. She added: No one inside Iran hear us and therefor we have no choice to speak with foreign media.We want everyone know who is Said and his family and Said is really innocent.Again i ask the judiciary officials to mercy on Said.He is really innocent, he didn't commit any crime and there is no documents ( disclosure) against him and i want them to mercy on him.
More on Said Malekpour the Canadian-Iranian computer professional please go to Google search or read more in IRAN WATCH CANADA's past posts.    

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