Monday, April 30, 2012

Mazdak Alinazari writer and journalist and great grand son of Mirza Reza Kermani ( The man who assassinated Naseruddin Shah the king of Iran in 1896) released a message from prison. Mr. Mazdak Alinazari  was arrested after the presidential coup in June 2009. He is charged with " Propagating against the state and insulting the leader " and sentenced to three years in prison.Despite of suffering from thyroid illness ,currently he is being kept in ward number 350 in Evin prison.

In his message Mazdak says: "Today the great grand son of that man who assassinated the shah has said goodbye to "gun" and became interested to "dialogues".Today instead of making wound by bullet , makes wound by pen and knows that the magic of word is better than ammunition in struggle against the despots. I have no doubt that the patience of men and women intellectuals is stronger than the strength of all torturers ."
Imprisoned journalist,
Mazdak Alinazari,
Ward number 350
Evin prison - May 1391 (Islamic Calendar)


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