Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Iran runs by bunch of criminals !

Masih Alinejad interview with Said Mortazavi!
Masih Alinejad an Iranian journalist who worked with many reformists newspapers and currently live in England had an interview with Said Mortazavi the judge of press court known as " 110 " and a suspect in the death of Canadian -Iranian photojournalist Zahra ( Ziba)  Kazemi and also a suspect in the killing of many young green movement Iranian detainees in Kahrizak prison.
The interview was via phone line and the call went through directly to said Mortazavi, he answered the call . Masih  : Mr. Mortazavi is it true that you cried and told to the MP ( name....) that ; you are going to resign from your newly appointed post as the head of the social services department ( Ahmadinejad nominated him to the post which angered many MP's and some MP's brought a motion to impeach Minister of labor for giving the position to Said Mortazavi with the request of Ahmadinejad).
Said Mortazavi: Who told you that, from where are you calling?
Masih: I'm Masih Alinejad and i'm out of Iran.
Said Mortazavi: You must come to Iran and seat by me and do the interview.
Masih: Are you going to guarantee nothing will happen to me , because last time Zahra Kazemi was killed and you are the suspect.
Said Mortzavi : hang up ........

Listen this from here :

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