Saturday, April 21, 2012

International solidarity and support for the imprisoned students in the Islamic Republic in Iran!

Students organization from around the world need to look, how they can help support in solidarity with their brother and sister Iranian students. They need your help right now . World youth and students organizations can take new approach and initiatives to build stronger solidarity among themselves and particularly solidarity with the youth and students in the Middle East.One way is to approach UN or a day of action around the world in support of a particular countries students and youth.Here are the list of students that are known and are in prison today:1-Hassan Asadizeidabadi, 2-Hamed Omidi,3-Majid Tavakoli,4-Said Jalalifar,5-Mehdi Khodaei,6-Babak Dashab,7-Majid Dori,8-Hamed Rohinejad,9-Hossein Ronaghi-maleki,10- Shahin Zeinali,11-fereshteh Shirazi,12-Arash Sadeghi, 13-Javad Alikhani,14-Omid kokabi, 15-mahdieh Golro,16-Habibolah Latifi,17- Aliakbar Mohammadzadeh,18-Shabnam Maddazadeh,19-Ali Malihi,20-Zia Nabavi,21-Atefeh Nabavi,22-Bahareh Hedayat,23-Mehrdad Karami , 24-Mohammad Ahadi,25-roozbeh Saadati,26-Afshin Shahbazi,27-rohollah Rozitalab,28- Darioush Jalali,29-Ighan Shahidi

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