Saturday, April 28, 2012

Islamic Republic regime stealing its citizens emails and hacks their websites and blogs.

This regime is known for not just stealing the money of the people but also is trying to steal the emails and also hacks their blog or websites. In recent weeks Islamic Republic regime in Iran has intensified its illegal activities hacking the emails and blogs or websites of its citizens.It was just a couple of weeks ago that some websites belong to anti Ahmadinejad policies reported that ,Government of Ahmadinejad has stolen the money from many banks and the banks asked the Government to return the money it took quietly at night. Stealing is part of this regime and the entire Government officials are so corrupt that, in one instance they did steal $ 3 billion dollar from Iranian banks, meaning money from Iranian people's accounts in those banks.
And now regime is busy stealing the web and email identity of its citizens. and the story goes on and on........

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