Wednesday, May 02, 2012

3,000,000 Iranian Kids are out of school and working because of poverty !

Where did all that 600 ,000,000,000 billion dollar oil revenue go under Ahmadinejad's Government ?!!!!!! 
Education is a very basic human rights !
According to a report by ILNA, the president of the board of the Association in Support of Working children in Iran, spoke about the increase in number of the working children because of economic crisis in recent years.
Doctor Shiva Dolatabadi on speaking with ILNA said: "The reason for the increase in number of the working kid is because of Economic crisis in recent years and there are 3,000,000 children who left the school."
She added: In recent years with the increase in economic crisis and joblessness of the parents ,we are witnessing the increase in number of working kids.And the labor law (article 191)does not ban the small industries with 10 workers to hire kids for work in Iran.


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