Monday, May 07, 2012

Eje-ei the spokesperson for Judiciary Power: We are persecuting for Khavari's return through international police !

Update on Mahmoud Reza Khavari the head of the national Bank of Iran ( Bank Melli ) who have fled to Canada.
On Monday eje-ei the spokesperson for judiciary power had his 29th session with reporters and when the reporters asked him about Khavari ,he replied :
"The influence of Khavari in the release (bail out) of accused number one in 3000,000,000,000 ( $ 3.00 billion Dollar ) financial embezzlement is under investigation.We have translated the court documents(charges) against Khavari and sent to international police and waiting for their proper response to this matter.We are following  for Khavari's return through international police.His case file is complete and we are going to send it to the court. It was in his interest to return because many people in their testimonies brought many charges against him."

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