Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mahsa Amrabadi Iranian journalist brought back to Evin prison !

Mahsa Amrabadi's mom: "What is the reason behind all these hostility against our children" !
Mahsa is a journalist who worked for many reformists newspaper during Khatami's presidency. Mahsa's husband Masoud Bastani is still in prison since the presidential coup by Ahmadinejad-Khamenei.

Jaras website - Report by: Mojgan Modares-oloum
Two nights before her arrest at Evin prison , the prison official (prosecutor's office is inside the Evin prison) called Mahsa and demanded she be at Evin prison.Mahsa attended with her father Mr. Javad  Amrabadi. Mahsa's father Said: I spoke with sentencing judge and explained that her husband is in prison , her house is destroyed because it was on city project, asked them to give her a little bit time to make her things in order and then execute the sentence ,but he didn't agree and took away Mahsa with them.Thanks god Mahsa is a strong girl and at time of kissing and saying good bye, she smiled and her mom is also a strong woman, among them i'm the weak.
Maryam Naghi, Mahsa's mom with grief about her daughters sentence said: " Not only a few days remained to Press Freedom Day ,but also the mothers Day too and this is the gift of these people to me as a mother. thanks God Mahsa is a strong girl with high spirit ,otherwise i couldn't take it. This sentence is unjust and Mahsa is innocent. Now Mahsa is in Evin prison and her husband Masoud Bastani is in Rejaei-Shahr prison.Up to now these two young people met each other 20 minutes in every two weeks. I don't really know the reason fro all these hostility, but oppression won't last and one day they have to answer and we have a lot of patience ."
Mahsa's dad: " I don't believe that we will be able to meet and speak to prosecutor ,but in two weeks again i will come and try to meet the prosecutor and speak about our problems to him. Mahsa herself was working and paying the loan and expenses of her husband.I myself am retired teacher and unable to pay the expenses.We live in the city of Rasht and Mahsa tells us to visit her once a month but me and her mom can't bear that."
Masoud Bastani,Mahsa's husband is a journalist and worked for major reformists newspaper ,he was arrested after presidential coup and it's now three years that he is in prison and was sentenced to six years imprisonment and currently serving the sentence in Rejaei-shahr prison .


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