Sunday, May 13, 2012

Iranian Rap singer is sentenced to death by "Fatwa" !

Iranian rap singer Shahin Najafi who fled Iran and currently live in Germany is sentenced to death by the fatwa of two ayatollah because of his song " Hey Naghi ".
Based on a Fatwa by Ayatollah Golpayegani and Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi he was sentenced to " Ertedad" (apostasy).For his safety,Shahin Najafi reported this situation to the German police and the police transferred him to an unknown location and he is under their protection.
Because of this song ,the Islamic fundamentalists put an award ( $100,000) for anyone to kill Shahin .
The song "Hey Naghi" is interpreted by the fundamentalist Islamist as an insult to one of the Shiite Imam , the Imam Naghi ( the tenth imam-Shiite have12 imam).
you can hear this music here:
IRAN WATCH CANADA: Everyone has the right to Free Expression and expressing their Opinions, therefore Shahin has the rights to express his opinion.It is us as member of a society who must increase our tolerance and to ignore if we don't like an opinion ,but not to get into hurting a person because of expressing his opinion.There are a lot of things wrong with conservative and fundamentalists mind set and they better adopt the international norms.
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