Wednesday, May 16, 2012

IRAN WATCH CANADA: To all the people around the world particularly to the Moslems and those who are in power or going to take power .  

“We Have Killed People “ A short film by Mohammad Nourizad ,the Iranian Moslem film maker. Mohammad Nourizad is well known for his open letter writing to Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic.

We must believe that; we have failed 33 years test of the Islamic Revolution and delivering the promises we have given to the people. This is a truth, although a bitter one.
It’s been awhile that, the season of our bankruptcy has passed and as well the season to say good bye. Good bye the Islamic justice, this revolution has promised and good bye to the humane generosity it has promised to deliver for the people of Iran and for the people of the world. Good bye the fallen dreams of the revolution.
We have shown that, if the religious people and clergies took power, they can lie and can turn their back to all the promises they have given, they can contrary to whatever they have said about avoiding the material world  and of material world , will embrace the material world with all its talents. They can oppress, they can plunder, they can kill people.
We have failed this 33 years test. When in our Islamic system the prostitution age reach to 12 and 13 years old girls, I’m ashamed, and speaking on enrichment of nuclear energy  
 is not only of pride but foolishness. We have lied, we lied, we have deceived, we have plundered. We have killed people, we have killed people, we killed people, we killed people. We have to admit that we failed and in order the faith will remain among people , we have to accept that we are a choice among many other choices , we have to believe in people and to officially recognize their various tendencies in thought and faith , we can’t just insist on our beliefs and not to see the Sunni’s and not to see the Bahai’s and not to see the communists of our homeland. We have failed in this test. If we are eager our faith to remain , we must remain beside all other faith, thoughts and political tendencies and become one of them, we don’t have permission to decide for others. We don’t have permission in the name of Moslems to suppress other thoughts. While we wish openness for ourselves , based on the same thought we have learned ,we must prepare same openness for others .
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“For keeping the power , we have done so many violence , we have lost so many. For the ignorance of the people, we have closed so many passage, we have wounded so many breath. For keeping the power, we mixed with corruption , we spilled people’s blood. In the name of keeping the Islam , we have murdered and plundered , lost honours. We have lied , we have lied , we have lied , we have plundered , we have killed people , killed people, we have killed people.

Translated by IRAN WATCH CANADA - Please if you use this text, name the translator as IRAN WATCH CANADA. Thank you 


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