Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hossein Ronaghi a human rights defender and a political prisoner is going to lose his both kidneys ,warned doctors !

Doctors warned that Iranian political prisoner Hossein Ronaghi is going to lose his both kidneys and need to be transferred to the hospital.On Monday this week Hossein Ronaghi was transferred to prison clinic due complication and later he was transferred to Hashemi -Nejad Hospital and the doctors warned that if this human rights defender left in the prison he will lose his both kidneys and he need immediate operation on his kidneys and medication. the surgeon of Hossein said that; the past kidney surgery failed and he needs new surgery.The doctor said,if the surgery take place late , he will lose both his kidneys and the kidneys must be removed.
The father of Hossein in a letter to prosecutor said that: " member of revolutionary Guards have told him that if you bring complaint to the officials in judiciary power , your son will be killed  and we won't let him get out of prison. The father said, Mr. prosecutor ,they are acting as what they have said, they are killing my son !"

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah lawyer for Hossein Ronaghi in a letter to judge of the branch number 26 said: His clients illness is in a way that , any delay to his medical needs , his client will face severe irreparable  damage.

Zoleykha Musavi ,Hossein's mother also said that; she worries about her son and she was threatened many times by revolutionary guards not to speak to media ,they said : "Otherwise we will arrest your daughters and you too.They have ruined our lives."    
Hossein Ronaghi is a student activist and a blogger with human rights advocacy . Hossein was arrested after presidential coup in 2009 presidential election rigging and was sentenced to 15 years prison term by branch number 26 judge Pir-Abbassi.He had four operations on his kidneys because of infection.

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