Saturday, June 30, 2012

Iranian people and the question of political prisoners in Iran! keeping the status quo or take united action to release political prisoners ??!!!

Narges Mohammadi the vice president of the Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran , in an anguish letter written from "Zanjan" prison explains about her illegal arrest , left alone in solitary confinement , agony and suffering of a mother being separated from her two little children and dangerous illness that threatens her life.
She wrote: " Writing isn't easy for me ,but i tell and write so that it won't happen to any children .......depriving the children from this love and to bring suffering on mothers from this separation ,is an unforgiving sin ....and i wrote this letter from within the walls of this prison with thousands of hopes ,so that way sooner and with the mercy of God , in this land or any other lands on the earth , these agony will vanish...i have faith, that day will come, even if i won't be here, the result from this painful love ,will bring better future for my children and all the children of Iran and even the world .  "

Who is responsible of this pain ?
And who shares this pain with me?

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