Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An MP of the sixth parliament : i'm certain that the security agents murdered my daughter and i won't keep silence !

Mr. Mohammad Bagher Bagherian nejadian Fard an MP of the sixth parliament of the Islamic Republic in an interview with International Campaign for Human Rights said: "I'm certain that the security agents killed my daughter.The intelligence forces of the Islamic Republic made all the criminals in the history to be proud of themselves."
Mr. Mohammad Bagher Bagherian N.F. the MP said ; During the last year, he has written many letters about the disappearance of his daughter "Fatemeh Bagher Bagherian Nejadian Fard" to the officials including to the leader of the Islamic Republic ,but was threatened by the security forces to keep silence  or else his other children will face the same fate. the case file is still open in a court in the city of  "Ray".
Fatemeh was 28 years old and was in the last year of Engineering class of " Elmo Sanat "University. She was a supporter of Mir Hossein Musavi the presidential candidate (three years ago). She left home on Thursday July 28,2011 and did not return home ,her body was found on the mountain outside of the city (Shah Ray). Her family was threatened repeatedly to keep silent on the issue .


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