Sunday, June 17, 2012

An uprising is on its way,said Amirarjomand the adviser for Musavi !

News from Iran:

1- On June 14 ,2012 for the fear of people's protest regime had brought all its oppressive forces in the streets around the major cities in Iran. The repressive forces were on alert because of the call by "council of  the Green Path of Hope " for a silent march on June 14,2012 from 7-9 pm.
Mr. Amirarjomand the adviser for Mir Hossein Musavi ( Presidential candidate of June 2009 who is currently under house arrest together with Karoubi the other candidate )on the future of Green Movement said that ; he is not disappointed for it is taking long for people to rise again and is hopeful for the future and regime suffers from severe crisis and people are looking for an opportunity to come to the streets and willing to pay the price and an uprising is on its way " .

2- Since the presidential election coup,regime security agents won't tolerate any gathering- even when prominent people like writer,actors and political personalities die,"sepah" agents ask family members of the deceased not to bring crowed in the funerals and bury them at nights. This is becoming a trend in this Islamic regime.For instance ,Iraj Ghaderi an actor , Haleh Sahabi ( who was killed by an agent) , some of those young people killed during the protest and Mr. Haj Seyed javadi's brother were buried night time and .........

3- 10,000 worker from many factories in five provinces wrote a protest letter to labor minister and complained about the labor policies and delay in paying their salaries and their situations and the rise on basic food prices.
in another news on last Friday regime security forces in an ambush to a house in Karaj arrested more than 60 labor activists.There is no news why they were arrested. Mahmoud Salehi one of labor leader is among those arrested.

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