Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mehmanparast the Iranian Foreign Affairs spokesperson: Mahmoudreza Khavari did not accept meeting with Iranian officials !

ILNA has reported that:
Mehmanparast the spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Affairs said that: "Mahmoudreza Khavari did not accept meeting with the Iranian officials. Canada must respect to the rights of Iran and make efforts in returning Khavari to Iran. We have invited the Canadian police officer in Islamabad (Pakistan) to Iran . Ministry of Foreign Affairs will make efforts to return Khavari to Iran. " reported ILNA ( The Iranian Labor News Agency) .
Mr. Mehmanparast said: "We have requested to have a meeting with Khavari and to speak about his return to Iran.Khavari did not accept the request for the meeting and did not attend in that meeting . We will continue to follow in his return to Iran."
"We have made many activities through Interpol and subpoena was issued in Khavari's arrest, even we have invited the Canadian police officer in Islamabad( Pakistan) to come to Iran for negotiation in this regard,and he admitted the responsibility on this matter and Iran is waiting response from Canadian officials." added Mehmanparast.
Iran does not recognize dual citizenship. Based on rumors that Khavari had left Canada , the Canadian charge d'affairs was called for question on this regard .


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