Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Iranian people must find a way to help release political prisoners. Nuclear Energy topic and discussion is a trap by Islamic Republic ,Human Rights issue and political prisoners issue is more important !

News in Brief :

1- Hossein Ronaghi Maleki the imprisoned Iranian blogger started dry hunger strike ,meaning No eating,No drinking.!
2- The 2nd political prisoner have died inside the Islamic Republic prison system and his name is seyed mohammad Mehdi Zalieh Naghshbandian ( A Kurdish politica prisoner- A wounded Iran-Iraq war veteran- was sentenced to life in prison for allegedly having tie with a Kurdish political party and had spent 18 years in Orumieh and Rejaei-Shahr prisons. reported HRANA ).
Earlier Mansour Radpour another political prisoner died inside the prison from brain hemorrhage.
3- Jafar Afshari a Kurdish-Iranian has started hunger strike since Monday in Orumieh prison in protest to his sentencing. He was arrested together with his three brothers Ali AfshariRazgar(Habib )Afshari and Vali Afshari  in Kurdish city of Bukan and Mahabad by security agents.They were arrested in 2009 . Jafar and vali were sentenced to five years imprisonment and razgar and Ali were sentenced to death ,because of tie with Kumeleh Party.

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