Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Regime continue to put pressure on other faiths practices !

Kambiz Tavana Iranian journalist for Radio Farda interviewed Mansour Borji the head of an Iranian church in London about a couple who were teacher in Emanuel church in Tehran and were arrested and there is no news on their disappearances.Mr. Borji said that; the churches inside Iran rather prefer to keep silence on the issue until later date which has negative effect. Mr. borji added that; Regime is afraid about the rise in number of Iranian participating in the churches on Fridays and Sundays prayers and puts more pressure on churches and in the past many church officials were arrested or in Dibaj case, he was murdered.
The couple were arrested are : Mehrdad Sajadi and his wife Forouq Dashtiani . According to report this couple were arrested on May 24 ,2012 and the report on their arrest was surfaced 10 days later.
Mr. Borji said that; Regime has discriminatory policy towards the other faiths including Muslim's who think different from the official brand.

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