Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On the birthday of seven Iranian political prisoners !

The Association of Iranian Women in Iran organized a day of celebrating the birthday of seven political prisoners and hoped the political prisoners will be released , reported Traneh Baniyaqoub and picture taken by Alieh Motlebzadeh.  
Seyed Mohammad Khatami the former president sent a message on the birthday of seven Iranian political prisoners and congratulated them. He Said: " Month of June is the month of events,happiness,pains,victories and defeats.Its regretful to see this great nation despite of great achievements was unable to achieve its goals.Although never been disappointed and paid much price."  
In the past, one of Khatami's demand and Islamist reformist's for participating in the parliamentary election was ,the release of all political prisoners but Khatami participated anyway in the last parliamentary election quietly which brought many criticism against his policy in dealing with this regime.The parliamentary election was also rigged by "Sepah " influence ,reported Ali Motahari an MP .
This regime and the situation we the Iranian are is very very dangerous.It is dangerous because in this situation only a despot may take advantage of the situation and from within "Iranian Talebanism " oppressive forces of "Sepah" and ministry of information and despot clergies may run the show .Fear for a coup from within "Sepah " forces is a possibility.
Yes, month of June is the month of many events, a month of presidential election rigging and coup . A month which millions of Iranian poured into the streets in all over Iran for almost a year protesting against the regime and a month of arrest of thousands of Iranian and killing and murdering.
Yes, we are again entering in the month of June and by celebrating the birthday of some political prisoners ,reminding their struggle and their cause and suffering.Here are the list of these seven brave political prisoners:
1-Nasrin Sotoudeh, Lawyer and Human rights defender.
 2-Masoud Pedram, A Meli-Mazhabi activist
3- Majid Tavakoli, Student leader
4-Bahman Ahmadi-Amouei, Journalist
5-Abdolah Momeni, spokesperson for "Danesh-amoukhtegan " organization
6-Mehdi Khodaei, student activist    
7-Mohammad Hosein Naeimipour, member of parliament and member of " Mosharekat front "
IRAN WATCH CANADA: Sorry it was nine political prisoners birthday and the other two are:
8- Said Malekpour ,the Iranian -Canadian web designer ,an internet and computer expert
9-Bahman Sadeqi -nour  

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