Thursday, May 31, 2012

Child labor " Kodakane Kar" & Street kids in Iran vs the Islamic regime in Iran!

There is a proverb which says: "Don't listen at what the people say , look at what the people do " ,something like this, or " talk the talk and walk the walk " or again " People trust others by their action and not by their talk " and so on.
The Islamic regime in Iran calls itself : "The best state in the world " or " the regime of a holy saints or imams " and Ahmadinejad claims that : "His Government can manage the whole world and solve the problem s of the world " ????!!!!!!. The reality however is bitter and different.In Iran today we have many new phenomena and one of such phenomena is known as " Street kids " or (kodakane Kheyabani ) and  "Kartoon Khab" or ( Those who sleep inside cardboard boxes along the streets) and child labor. According to report based on official statistic ,there are 2 millions child labor in Iran but based on Mr. Ali Mir Etemad a professor and a defender of street kids in Iran, there are 7 millions child labor in Iran today.

Isn't it that children must have the right to education and must be banned from working??
Then why day after day the population of child labor and street kids and other phenomena is on the rise???!!!
despite of more than 600 billion dollar revenue from Oil during Ahmadinejad's term in Government,these people who are Islamic and run the country, phenomena such as child labor, street kids , kids who sleep in cardboard boxes along the streets, people who put their kidneys on sale and so many other phenomena is  on the rise. ??
These are the people who run my country ,look at them.????!!!!


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