Monday, June 11, 2012

Lives of Five Iranian from the province of Khouzestan is in great danger,reported ICHR.

According to International Campaign for Human Rights on Saturday June 9,2012 five political prisoners were transferred from Karoon prison in the city of Ahwaz and their lives is in great danger. Report indicate that; regime may secretly send these political prisoners to the gallows . These prisoners are :
Abdolrahman Heydari, Tah Heydari, Jamshid Heydari , Mansour Heydari and Amir Maavi. One said usually when prisoners are transferred it will be done through prison guards but this time it was the especial unit from police force did the transfer.These prisoners were arrested during the one year anniversary of the uprising in the city of Ahwaz a year ago.Three of these prisoners are brothers.These five political prisoners are from the " Molashih " district in Ahwaz.The poverty driven Arab people of Ahwaz  poured into the street 7 years ago and protested against the regime discriminatory policies. According to the families of these political prisoners , they have been deprived from their citizens rights and fair trial.

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