Monday, June 11, 2012

News from Iran:

1-The Organization of Kurdistan Human Rights:
Mohammad Sediq Kaboudvand the Kurdish-Iranian journalist and human rights advocate after 17 days of hunger strike is still on hunger strike . He has told his family that ; he may go to dry hunger strike. Mr. Kaboudvand told his family that; the prosecutor told him : "death or the hunger strike of political prisoners is not important for them." Reported by the Organization of Kurdistan Human Rights.

2- ISNA ( Iran Student News Agency )eported:
Esmail Ahmadi Moghadam commander in chief of NAJA ( the Islamic Republic police Force ) told to reporter That: In order Khavari be brought back to Iran,the Interpol ( International Police ) need the judiciary order . This order was issued and Khavari as an accused is under persecution and we hope the countries will cooperate in his extradition .

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