Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Islamic regime in Iran hanged three member of an Arab family in the city of Ahwaz !

News indicate that ; Islamic Republic in Iran executed three members of an Arab family in the city of Ahwaz -South of Iran on Monday , regime also has executed the fourth person,reported human rights activists in the city of Ahwaz .three brothers executed are : Abas Heydarian with middle name as" Jasem" , Jamshid Heydarian with middle initial as "Teh" and Abdolrahman Heydarian with middle name as " Naser". the judiciary officials in a letter reported about the execution to their family. The forth person executed is  Ali Neami-sharifi - and their is no news about the fifth person Amir Moavi - all those executed are under 30 years of age.They spent one year in prison before brought to execution.
On Monday afternoon people of Ahwaz reacted to these execution by coming to the streets and protested against the Islamic regime in Iran.
IRAN WATCH CANADA: I don't know what to say to these barbaric Islamic policies. These Islamic officials are responsible to the killings - They lack even common sense and they should be punished for these ????!!!!!

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