Monday, October 29, 2012

A mother's request on her son's whereabouts ?

Five days after students uprising in Iran( 14 years ago) which shook Iran for 6 days,Said Zeinali a student was arrested by Islamic regime security forces in Iran and since then the mother of this young man is searching for her son. Regime officials have told her, they have released him but up to now there is no news about Said. Where is Said? What has happened to him?
Akram Neghabi the mother of this student said: "The officials at prosecutors office told her that; her son was released, but after attending to the prosecutors office; they have said; they have made mistake.They have taken Said 14 years ago and won't say anything, however, they tell me , you must put yourself to the position of those mothers whose sons have gone to the war and didn't receive their bodies .Hoe can i compare my situation with those mothers, he wasn't at war , my son was arrested right in front of my eyes in my home."
All she heard from him was a phone call and then nothing ,nothing for 14 years. Said Zeinali was a graduate in computer science from Tehran University.
" If my son is killed ,they should tell us. Is he alive ? They play game with us, up to now, we have had many meetings with prosecutor office. Mr. Khodabakhshian told to my husband that : whenever we have  information about your son and wanted to let you know , but he changes his place. At the end of the meeting they said ,the file of Said is with "Haji" meaning Mr. Dolatabadi ."

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