Monday, November 05, 2012

Islamic regime in Iran reacted against confiscation of its Embassy and Cultural center in Canada !

Excerpts from Gooya News:
Arya News Agency - Spokesperson of foreign affairs of the Islamic Republic reacted against confiscation of Iranian assets in Canada.
Mehman -Parast spokesperson of the foreign affairs of the Islamic Republic said; the action of Canadian Government for confiscating Iranian assets in Canada is against principles of the UN charter and is contrary to the Vienna convention of 1961 ( diplomatic relation) and 1963 ( consulate relation) and clearly contradict with international legal regulations and the rule of law in the world.
He added; There are political motive behind this action and it started right after the suspension of diplomatic relation and closure of Iran's Embassy in Canada and the Canadian courts laying their hands on the assets of Iranian people,clearly shows the motive of the Canadian Government.
Mehman-Parast said;  Canadian Government is responsible for the violation of International regulations and demanded the immediate stop of these trend. Obviously , Islamic Republic reserve its political and legal rights to take steps against this action, added Mehman-Parast.


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