Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Assault on writers ,around 50 writers arrested !

Children of Mehdi Khazali are also among those arrested !
Security forces of the Islamic regime in Iran in an assault on Tuesday night on the meeting of " Saraye Ahle Ghalam" ( The house of those working with pen/ gathering of those working with pen) , arrested many of the participants and were taken to an unknown location ,those arrested are : Mehdi Khazali, Ghasem Sholeh Sadi, Pejman Zafarmand,Mohammad Parsi, Mohammad Reza Ahadi,Ahmad farhadpour, Amir Borhani, Mehrdad mohammadi,Afshin Ghorbanejad,Mohammad Bagher Moradi ,Azar Taherabadi,Fatemeh Mahmoudi ,Zahra Khazali, Mohammad Saleh Khazali ....
According to report the number of people arrested are said to be 50 people.


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