Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Iranian babies in prisons !

At present there are three Bahai women with their breast feeding babies in Semnan prison !

To Middle Eastern nation , Think twice when Islamist's gaining control of your country. Read Iran Watch Canada more about Islamic Republic Regime in Iran- Talk to Iranian people......Don't experience the experience ....

 According to a report by Kiana Sabeti Iranian babies and little kids together with their mothers are inside Islamic regime prisons .Inside women wards of the prisons, there are little kids and babies who are busy playing in prison environment.These breast fed babies and kids are in prison with their mothers because there isn't any other parents outside the prison to take care of them .They will remain in prison until their moms are released from prison or finished their sentence .This isn't the first time in the Islamic regime in Iran that the kids or babies grow in prison environment, right after the revolution in 1978-79 up until 1998 we have witnessed /.......
I have witnessed little kids running between mom and dad in the hallway of the Evin prison and witnessing the torture or beating of their parents by the torturers or interrogators.Once ,i heard a little kids talking to his father saying ; Dad ,they are beating mom.and the dad who was seated beside me said, don't worry son , it will be okay .Who knows what happened to that father or mother and the boy? These parents are in prison because of their political or faith based believes.(IRAN WATCH CANADA)

At present three Bahai women with their breast feeding babies are in Semnan prison. These babies along  with their moms are kept in wards where there are criminals too.Most of these babies became ill in prison environment including Barman Ehsani, Resam Tabyanian and Sourna Ghorbani.
Barman Ehsani a breast feeding baby is in prison with his mother Taraneh Torabi since October . Taraneh Torabi is sentenced to 30 months imprisonment ,therefore the baby must remain in prison together with his mom and recently Barman is infected with stomach and intestinal viruses and was transferred to Semnan city hospital.
Taraneh Torabi is charged with " membership in a Bahai religious organization and Propagating against the state " . She was sentenced to 30 Months imprisonment.After arresting her at her home ,the security forces arrested her husband Erfan Ehsani too.At the time Taraneh was pregnant ,Barman came to the world a month earlier because of this inhuman pressure on his mom. Taraneh's father was also arrested on the charges of " Propagating against state " and was sentenced to One year imprisonment.

Resam Tabyanian is another baby who is currently in Semnan prison along with his mom Zohreh Nik-Aeen.This 10 months old breast feeding baby is also ill with lung and ear infection and was transferred to Semnan Hospital. Zohreh Nik-Aeen is also charged with " membership in Bahai Faith organization and propagating against state" and was sentenced to 23 months in jail.

Sourna Ghorbani is another nine months old baby who is along with mom Neda Majidi in Semnan prison.She is also charged with the same allegations and is sentenced to six months imprisonment ......

To Be continued ........


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