Sunday, December 16, 2012

More than 100 Iranian Journalist demanded judiciary power legally punish the interrogator and torturer of Alireza Rajaei the imprisoned Iranian journalist !

More than 100 Iranian Journalist in a letter to Mohammad Sadegh Larijani head of Judiciary Power demanded legally punish the interrogator and torturer of Alireza Rejaei the imprisoned journalist. Alireza Rejaei is an Iranian journalist and a member of the Association of Iranian Syndicate Journalist. Mr. Rejaei was pro - green movement and pro - reformists movement and had written articles for reformists newspapers.Mr. Rejaei was arrested in May 2011 at his home by security forces of the Islamic Republic and spent many weeks in solitary confinement and then was transferred to ward number 350 in Evin prison.Mr. Rejaei first was sentenced to three years imprisonment and later to six years. The reason why the Journalist wrote this protest letter is because, one of the Sepah interrogator ( with alias as "Osat" ) told Mr. Rejaei's wife that ; "I'm going to transfer your husband to Rejaei Shahr prison or to Borazjan prison and you go divorce your husband" , which angered the journalists around the country and abroad.

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