Saturday, December 08, 2012

Majid Tavakoli's Mother:" I haven't seen my son for 37 months" !

A mother request from Islamic Judiciary !Let us hear the voice of our son!

Excerpts from an interview by " Jaras" with Majid Tavakoli's mother .
Majid Tavakoli's mom : I haven't seen my son for 37 months.
Three years has passed since the imprisonment of Majid Tavakoli one of Iranian student leader. He was arrested three years ago in Polytechnic University on Students' Day " Shanzdah Azar".

Majid was sentenced to eight and a half years imprisonment and is deprived from school for life. Majid is currently in Rejaei Shahr prison. Judge MoGhiseh one of several judges including Said Mortazavi who is connected to security forces of the Islamic Republic added another six months to Majid's prison term because he didn't cooperate with him, speaking against those who have published his letter from jail.
Majid's mother in answer to "Jaras" question on , How is his situation? said : I'ts been for 37,38 months that i didn't see him , i don't know about his situation, only his brother visiting him once in several months.
She says: We live in the city of Shiraz and it's difficult for us and both me and his father are sick to travel all the way and they don't let Majid to visit us. And since Feb. 2010 they banned telephone conversation with him.We wrote letter and phoned judiciary officials but no answer. All we want is to let us to hear his voice .In a Islamic country ,do we have right to hear our son's voice?
and the rest of the story goes on....................

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