Wednesday, December 05, 2012

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Judiciary spokesperson on Said Malekpour the Iranian -Canadian web designer : 
Mr. Mohseni Ejei spokesperson for judiciary power in his 40th session with reporters,when asked by reporter from ISNA about the stop on the death sentence of Said Malekpour the Iranian -Canadian web designer (who was sentenced to death on the charges of " connection with a website propagating pornography)because of " Toubeh" ( his confession and remorse ), he said: " To Answer your question, i would like to say, the sentence haven't been executed yet. "
Link in Farsi Language:

Ejei on the death of Satar Beheshti the Iranian blogger in custody of security forces :

"So far seven police officers were arrested and interrogated and detained. He added , on Satar Beheshti's case an extensive and  serious investigation has began.From these people arrested two or three people are released and the rest are in custody."According to another report Commander Ahmadi Moghadam the head of police force ordered commander Said Shokrian to be removed from his office.

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