Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alert .....Alert .....Lawyers from around the world must help their Iranian colleagues released from prison immediately before they perish in the Islamic Republic jails !

Nasrin Sotoudeh the Iranian women's and children's rights lawyer & a human rights defender's life is in great danger.
Nasrin Sotoudeh on her 42rd days of Hunger Strike ! 

Lawyers from around the world , please help your Iranian colleagues released from prison. Iranian imprisoned lawyers and human rights defenders are in prison for a long time already. They are going to perish one by one in the Islamic Republic's jails.

According to news , Nasrin Sotoudeh's husband Mr. Reza Khandan warned about the danger threatening Nasrin's life in prison.He said: Nasrin's blood pressure was too low and she was admitted to prison clinic and her situation have reached to a new dangerous level . Nasrin husband added : "Nasrin's only demand is that ,regime to let her daughter travel abroad, she says; why the government punishes her 12 years old child instead of mother." Islamic regime in Iran earlier banned Nasrin's daughter and husbands' travel abroad.  

 At the same time the wife of another Iranian lawyer and human rights defender warned about the danger on his life. Mohammad Seifzadeh,

 Abdolfatah Soltani ,

Nasrin Sotoudeh and......are the three prominent Iranian lawyer and human rights defenders who are in prison and their lives are in great danger .

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