Sunday, November 25, 2012

Islamic Regime in Iran and New Situation !

News: Office of Jebheh Meli ( National Front) in a statement today reported on the ambush of tens of security forces of the Islamic regime to the home of Eisa Khan Hatami and others in the city of Esfarayen and Sabzevar and arrested , blind folded and detained Its members ,those arrested are : koroush Zaim ,Eisa Khan Hatami , Mohammad Oveisi and Mohsen Rahami .The report says ,those arrested and detained were kept several hours in detention and later released.
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 It seems Islamic Regime in Iran has began new round of attack on dissent banned political party's.just in this week, two banned political party members( Pan Iranist party & Jebheh Meli or National Front ) were ambushed in the city of Karaj and Esfarayen - Khorasan  and were arrested and detained. In the Islamic Republic ,all political dissent party's are banned of any activities or else they face persecution. Perhaps for the coming of presidential election in June next year and fear of people uprising ,like the one in 2009 which lasted almost a year and made the ruling despot to take steps to crack down again these members.
Is these attacks on political party's an unorganized attack or a new trend by the Islamic Republic to pacify the dissent voices by threatening them and their family members with death, imprisonment and destruction of their lives?
While the differences among the ruling officials deepening which forced Khamenei for time and time to speak to them to end their differences, but despite of those warning shots , the confrontation is rising to a new level, for example between Ahmadinejad ( Government officials,some of the security & ministry of information  forces including plain cloths,Jebheh Paydari , ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi's followers and some members of parliament ) in one side and Ayatollah Rafsanjani now a moderate and his followers,Ali Larijani speaker of the parliament and Sadegh Larijani head of judiciary power and reformists including ex-president Khatami ,Musavi & Karoubi ( the leaders of green movement and.....). There seems no end to this differences and division in the Islamic Republic as the growing unrest reaching to a new level of eruption . This coming 6-7 months until mid June is very crucial for the regime of the Islamic Republic and of course for Iranian people .
from now we will hear more arrest and attack again on banned political party members, workers unions ,teachers union , human rights advocates and activist, student movements and their leaders , women organizations and ....Time is also running out for the Islamic regime for a failed system of governing.
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