Sunday, November 18, 2012

Prastoo Frouhars' passport is confiscated at the airport in Iran!

Prastoo Frouhar is the daughter of late Darioush Frouhar and Parvaneh Frouhar who were savagely killed at their home by security forces of the Islamic Republic in Iran ( The case of Chain murdering - this case is still open for investigation ). Every Year Parastoo returns home to commemorate the anniversary of the killing of her parents and the Islamic regime in Iran warned her not to hold any event ( as the case of previous years ).And every time she returns,the security forces threatens her in various ways which all aims to silence her. On Saturday when she returned to Iran, her passport was confiscated by security forces of the Islamic regime and a summon was given to her and was asked to attend at the security office on Nov.27 ,2012 , she said in an interview.

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