Monday, November 12, 2012

The tragic lives of Iranian political prisoners and dissidents under Islamic regime !!

Reports indicates That:
Nasrin Sotoudeh on her 26th days of hunger strike !

1- Nasrin Sotoudeh the brave imprisoned Iranian lawyer and a human rights defender is on her 26th day of hunger strike and still being denied the rights to see her children by judiciary,security officials and prison officials in Iran.Reza Khandan ,Nasrin's husband on her facebook wrote : "On Sunday after a call by prosecutors office ,i had an hour to be at prosecutors office ,i had to get Mehraveh ( daughter) from school and Nima ( son) from home -who had could. They have kept us three hours behind prison door and one hour after the closure of the prison, we returned home without visitation."
Link :

This is what they do daily on all political prisoners family members and they enjoy doing so, a bunch of sick people running Iran, what else can i say.

Reports on Satar Beheshti :
2- The human rights office of the Islamic Republic finally reacted on the tragic death of Satar Beheshti, the 35 years old Iranian who was arrested at his home in Robat Karim district,detained by security forces and one week later, prison officials told the family to go and get the lifeless body of Satar.

The Human Rights office of the Islamic Republic in a statement released, wrote about
"the determination of the judiciary power to pursue on the death of a citizen in prison."
The statement says; " the death of Mr. Satar beheshti while under investigation in police station,will be seriously followed and fortunately with the order of Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani the head of judiciary power ,the case will be reviewed from all dimension and then
the result will soon be delivered to the public by judiciary spokesperson."
Now that there human rights office of the Islamic Republic determined to look into the death of Satar Beheshti , it should also look to the death of Zahra Kazemi, Haleh Sahabi, Akbar Mohammadi, Hoda Saber , Zahra Bani-yaqoub ,Mohsen Roholamini and many others ...........and look into the allegations against Said Mortazavi the then public prosecutor and........

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