Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Satar beheshti an imprisoned worker died under torture in Evin prison !

An innocent Iranian workers life is taken away by Islamic regime in Iran again, while in prison and as a captive .
Khamenei and Mohammad sadegh Larijani ( head of judiciary power) are responsible for his death.
Satar Beheshti is an imprisoned worker killed under torture in Evin prison ( according to other prisoners). The prison officials told his parents to buy a grave and come take his lifeless body. The officials ( Security forces of the Islamic regime in Iran) told his parents, you have no rights to ask question and you must shut up !The prisoner at ward 350 in Evin prison said; one night we saw his body smashed and all over his body not sound. Satar was a 35 years old worker and bread winner of the family !

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