Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tragic death of Satar beheshti an Iranian blogger ,arrested ,detained and was killed by security forces brought national anger toward the current rulers (particularly , Khamenei and Mohammad Sadegh Larijani head of judiciary ) !

Where is Javad Larijani the head of Human Rights Commission of the Islamic Republic ? Why he is keeping his head under the sand and keeping silence ?! while an MP brings this issue in the parliament?!! 
In recent days news about tragic death of Satar beheshti the Iranian blogger is on all news papers and websites or blog sphere.The papers and websites inside Iran also wrote article about Satar beheshti's tragic death by security forces of the Islamic regime in Iran and an MP ( Tavakoli) requested from Majles ( Parliament) to look into the death of Satar beheshti.
Masih alinejad's blog ( An Iranian journalist living in England) prepared recorded voice of Satar Beheshti at the end of the segment where you can hear.The first part: she speaks with a police official ,who denies of hearing any news about the tragic death. The second part : she speaks with Satar's sister and the third segment is the voice of Satar himself, who says : "I'm not afraid of being arrested and detained or even hanged ,but i'm worry about my mom, she tells me, you better leave the country.This was happening because; several time security forces came to my house and took away my notes and other belonging and threatened me."
Hear the voice of Satar beheshti here ( At the end of the segment):

This isn't the first time this is happening . In the past : Zahra Kazemi an Iranian-Canadian photojournalist was killed in Evin prison, Haleh Sahabi ( daughter of a well known politician Mr. Sahabi the leader of Melli-Mazhabi  was killed) , Zahra Baniyaqoub ( A medical student killed in a prison in the city of Hamedan),Hoda Saber ( A journalist died suspiciously in prison) , Omid Mir-Sayafi , Akbar Mohammadi ( a student leader killed in prison) ,Amir Javadifar ,Mohammad Kamrani , Mohsen Roholamini and so many more ...........

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