Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Islamic Regime ? Ask Iranian people ,particularly the youth ....They don't wana hear about it........

News from Iran :

1- Representative from Ministry of Information met Parastoo Frouhar daughter of Darioush & Parvaneh Frouhar ( Both murdered by security agents of the Islamic Republic in Chain murdering case 14 years ago) ,warned and threatened her not to hold anniversary commemoration for her parents. The Ministries representative said, if she does ,the security agents will confront with participants.

2- Hostage taking ....Behrouz Ghobadi is arrested !

Security forces of the Islamic regime have arrested Bahman Ghobadi's brother and his family members have no idea on his whereabouts. Bahman Ghobadi an international award winning film maker and a critic to the Islamic Regime in Iran speaking with an Iranian human rights organization asked regime to let his brother contact his family and let him to get a lawyer to defend him. He said ; his brother is arrested on Saturday Nov.4,2012. Bahman Ghobadi lives outside Iran . 

3- Hostage Taking continues .....Masoumeh Dehghan , abdolfatah Soltani's wife is sentenced to one year imprisonment and five years ban from leaving to country.the sentencing is handed on Nov.17,2012.

Abdolfatah Soltani is the brave Iranian lawyer and a co-founder of "Iran  Association of Human Rights Defenders " . He is sentenced to 13 years imprisonment and currently serving the sentence in exile in the city of Borazjan 1200 km far from his family .

4- 20 Iranian Bahai's faith are arrested ......
two of the Bahai faith arrested are Saman and Ashkan Badpehei Arni ,they are from the city of Karaj .They were arrested two weeks ago and one of the brother had contacted the family after seven days detention but there is no news from other brother .

The other Bahai arrested is from the city of Gorgan and his name is Farhad Eghbali . Farhad is arrested on Tuesday Nov.20.
It must be added that on Oct.17,2012 also security agents in an ambush arrested 17 other Bahai's in the city of Gorgan.

There is no end to persecution and arrest of Iranian Bahai Faith by this Apartheid regime. On Sunday Nov.18 regime security forces also arrested three Bahai's and their names are: Siamak sadri, Payam Markazi and Fovad Fahandej ,all of them were arrested in their homes.

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