Saturday, November 24, 2012

10 Pan-Iranist party members are arrested in the city of Karaj !

Even the most toughest police state can't save the despotic Islamic regime in Iran ! 
Islamic regime will crumble and the despots will be brought to justice ! 
According to news, on the evening of Thursday Nov.22,2012 the security forces of the Islamic regime in Iran, in an ambush on Engineer Reza kermani's home in the city of Karaj, have arrested 10 Pan- Iranist party members.There are no news on their whereabouts.
The name of eight members arrested are:
Hojat Kalashi,Ojan Akbari,Hossein Shahryari ,Kasra Alasvand,Alireza Soleymani,Homan Eskandari and Farhad baghbani .
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