Monday, November 26, 2012

More Iranian Bahai's are arrested in Iran!

News from Iran :
1- According to news more Iranian Bahai's from the city of Mashhad are arrested, detained and sentenced by Judge Ghorbani to imprisonment.

The names of those arrested are :
Fataneh Hajipour,Navid Nabili,Ezatollah Ahmadian,Negin Ahmadian,Hourieh Mohseni,Arman Mokhtari,Shayan Tafazoli, Behnaz Hadadzadeh,Shahzad Khalili,Naghmeh Zabihian,Negar Malekzadeh.

2- The Ministry of Guidance ordered for the closure of "Maqreb" Newspaper.The reason for the closure is said to be the publication of " Insulting subjects " .!!!?????
Maqreb newspaper published a caricature showing Ahmadinejad tearing papers ,seems standing in parliament podium and laughing at MP's and the title at the front page of newspaper which reads: "End of question" . 

MP's were planning to question Ahmadinejad in the parliament on his failed economic & political policies , but Khamenei the leader asked the MP's to end the questioning !!!!?????
And the MP's followed Khamenei's order and ended the call for Ahmadinejad to come to the parliament for questioning.

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