Monday, November 26, 2012

Bashar Asad of Syria and wife ,New look !!!????

When i look at this picture , i say definitely this wasn't their look few years ago . Before the uprising in Syria , they looked more happier and there was life and energy in them , but what about now ? Look at them !? What are they afraid of ? What is in their mind ? Is it about their destiny , their future? or thinking what happened to Qadafi or Ben Ali , Mubarak ...and it might happen to them and their family one day? definitely they have less trust now to the people around them!? and their circle is getting smaller . The unfit ,corrupt and coward leaders of Middle East including Saudi Arabia and Iran .........could not become like Mandela and Gandhi to empower their nation & country, to do nation building, and therefore face their failed past and future uncertainty for themselves and for their children.The worst yet to come to Saudi Arabian kings & families and Persian Gulf States corrupt kingdoms. Time has changed and young generation think not as followers but as deconstructionists of past mentalities.

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