Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wave of Iranian working class on its way to show their power !

Islamic regime in Iran is playing with fire. This regime in the coming future will face yet another wave of  protest , but this time from the powerful Iranian working class.In the past we have seen so many different protest by labor union and workers from different industrial sectors, but these streams are coming together and will create  a powerful force to wash Islamic republic. Those Islamic regime officials in power may still today ignore the Iranian working class and their demands but time is running out .In last few months several workers protest were reported like the one in Isfahan.Many of these workers haven't received their salaries for months, one such workers are the workers of " Mazanderan Nassaji workers" (Textile Workers of Mazanderan) who haven't received their salary for 18 months and another example is workers of " Tik Tak " factory in the city of Ghazvin , these workers haven't received their salaries for the last two months and the factory is closed because of the lack of materials and exchange for foreign currencies .This week around 300 of  Mazanderan Textile workers  traveled to Tehran from Mazanderan and protested in front of Majlis ( Parliament ).Here is two photo from these gathering.

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