Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letter of Nasrin Sotoudeh from Evin prison after 49 days of hunger strike ......

Nasrin Sotoudeh in a letter from prison: Thank you all for supporting me during my 49 days of hunger strike !
Nasrin Sotoudeh :While on Hunger Strike ,still acted as lawyer !
The reason why i went on hunger strike was because ,i wanted to say a BIG NO to family punishment ( Why regime should punish my family and 12 years old daughter instead of me?)

11 Dec.2012
"My clients by my side and tens of political prisoners who are in prison because of their noble work , and while it is a difficult time but it is valuable.Being beside human rights and political activists and prisoners of conscience , Bahai and Christian compatriot whom i had the honor to defend some of them as lawyer and now i'm spending time in prison with them.These people have been unjustly sentenced to imprisonment just because they wanted to live based on their believes.But after all cruelties ,the regime started punishing the family members of the prisoners.First they persecuted my husband and then they opened new court file against him. After the arrest of my family members and my children ,although for few hours,again they opened new case file for my 12 years old daughter and then in a hasty decision making, they banned her travelling abroad."

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