Thursday, February 21, 2013

" Dervish" from all over Iran in solidarity with imprisoned Dervish's at Evin prison !

Today Thursday Feb. 21 ( International Dervish's Day)Dervish's from all over Iran in solidarity with (Iranian Dervish's and their lawyers arrested four years ago and detained in Evin prison) get together in protest at Evin prison and demanded for their release .Islamic regime in Iran for years treated Dervish's very poorly and took anti Dervish's policy by destruction of their worship places and harassment's and imprisonment.
According to latest news , among Dervish's attended at Evin prison ,300 were arrested today and were detained but  released later, but believe some are still in prison.
Background :
Four years ago hundreds of Dervish's in protest against discriminatory policies of the Islamic regime get together in front of parliament in Tehran and as a result of that protest many have been arrested and detained. Dervish are a minority religious group in Iran.

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