Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dispute Among regime officials including Khamenei ( Who is the real problem in Iran) will deepen,but the real issue in front of Iranian people is the freedom of all political prisoners including Musavi ,Zahra Rahnavard and Karoubi and the presidential election.!

Regime is in disarray .........
Ahmadinejad is beating his drum to re- elect his guys for presidency, Khamenei has created his scenario of 2+ 1 candidates ( Had dad Adel former parliamentary speaker , Valayati former foreign Minister and Ghalibaf current Mayor) , and the reformists and green movement currently without a real candidate. 

Khamenei in his speech this week: "The leader of one power on referring to an allegation which is not proven and accusing leaders of two other power is against the law,morality and religious law / the impeachment was useless and wrong and use of excessive power - because a few months have left for ahmadinejads ministers term in office/ At present ,i only advise . "/     

Two weeks after Ahmadinejad presence in Majlis (Parliament) and his speech to save his labor minister from impeachment and retaliatory display of tape on allegation of corruption by Larijani brothers (Ali Larijani as parliamentary speaker and Mohammad Sadegh Larijani as head of judiciary), which caused uproar among officials & clergies including Khamenei ( who have earlier demanded officials not to attack each other and stop fighting among themselves and who also called these kinds of behavior as conspiracy at time of the coming presidential election and....).This week once again Khamenei , attacked both Ahmadinejad and Larijani for their lack of understanding of the importance of time and situation. Khamenei also called the impeachment of Labor Minister and vote of non-confidence and his removal from office by MP's as a wrong act.After Khamenei's attack on both Larijani's  and Ahmadinejad ,including most MP's apologized from Khamenei for what had happened and promised to stay in line with Khamenei.
But Ali Motahari an MP son of Ayatollah Motahari ( an Islamic philosopher ) this week called the impeachment of labor minister by MP's a good act , which is in way a message to Khamenei not to interfere into the parliamentary affairs after their decision is being made.However, he also agrees to follow Khamenei's order.  
One other thing occurred last week was that ,supporters of Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi  ( Iranian people are familiar with these group now - they are very radical Taliban style of Muslims )disrupted Ali Larijani's speech by throwing shoes and other objects at him.Which again added to Khamenei's problems ,that some officials are not following his order to stop attacking each other.).
This is not the first time Khamenei demands from officials to stop fighting among themselves and this won't be the last time. The lack of leadership and respect to Iranian people's demands and his support of Ahmadinejad against Mir Hossein Musavi the 2009 presidential candidate and the coup and disrespect of Iranian people's vote and then people's protest and his order for bloody suppression of people's peaceful protest in 2009, all of these made people more aware of Khamenei's position with respect to people's demands and his uncontrollable power.
This is one side of the story that is happening and widening among officials.
The other side of the story is , the lack of leadership among reformists and green movement , students , labor ,women and .....The only person who can play the role of leadership for the opposition is Mir Hossein Musavi who is in house arrest for more than two years now. The 11th Presidential election is in 12th of June 2013.
Ahmadinejad today Sunday in a meeting with governors said : He will work until 9:00 am August 2,2013 ,the day the new president will take the oath.
It seems Iranian people have almost 4 months to reorganize themselves for a mass rally in support of Musavi and his freedom and call him as their candidate ( although regime won't budge down on their demands again ),but persistence and people's support for Musavi may be the only chance they have got.

To be continued .....  


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