Monday, February 04, 2013

Said Mortazavi the former Tehran public prosecutor and butcher of reformists media is arrested !

This morning Said Mortzavi the former Judge and Tehran's Public Prosecutor and well known butcher of reformists media is arrested. Said Mortazavi is a suspect into the death of Canadian -Iranian photo-Journalists Zahra Kazemi

and suspect to the death of many in the " Kahrizak " Prison during 2009 Green Movement protest. In Recent year Ahmadinejad gave a post of Welfare office to Mortazavi and this caused uproar among public and parliament , as a result the Minister of Labor and welfare was brought to parliament for questioning for why hiring Mortazavi who has open criminal record and given a high position to handle welfare department. While in parliament ,the MP's impeached the minister and on a vote ,minister lost his job , Ahmadinejad was also in the parliament to defend his minister & Mortazavi and even his effort by speaking on an allegation against the parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani did not save his minister and today Mortazavi also lost his job and arrested.


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