Monday, January 28, 2013

Islamic regime has started arresting journalist because presidential election is coming !

Regime began its repression again before the presidential election on June 12,2013.
According to Mehr News reporter , a group of independent journalists were arrested in Tehran by security forces . They were arrested on last Saturday and Sunday at their work. Those arrested are :
Akbar Montajebi,
Javad Daliri,
Sasan Aghaei,
Nasrin Takhayeri ,
Motahereh Shafiei,
Narges Joudaki,
Emely Amraei,
Pouria Alami,
Pejman Mousavi
Are among those arrested.

These journalists are from media such as : Arman ,Etemad, Bahar, Sharq, Aseman, ILNA , and were arrested with the order from judiciary Power. Their charges are "colaboration with Farsi counter revolutionary websites "

According to ISNA news agency ,Minister of Culture and Islamic guidance Seyed Mohammad Hosseini said ,the arrest of journalists isn't media related issue but it is security issue.


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