Saturday, January 26, 2013

Attempt on the life of a journalist in Iran !

On the evening of Thursday Jan.24 Fatemeh kharadmand  a reformist journalist and a supporter of Green Movement was walking at around "Shohada" Square in Tehran with her son ,when unknown motor cycle riders attacked on her in sidewalk. According to Kharadmand, she saw a motorcycle got into the sidewalk and drove straight at her and her little son ,but when the driver failed to do their intention ,stopped the motorcycle and the woman passenger of the motorcycle attacked on her and escaped when the people tried to go after them .
In the past Fatemeh Kharadmand was arrested and detained for her support to Green Movement and Musavi.Fatemeh is the wife of imprisoned journalist Masoud Lavasani the editorial member of " Ghalame Sabz" Newspaper.

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