Saturday, January 26, 2013

Musavi's Children: We Have Absolutely No News About Our Parents!

Will The Iranian People Start Their Street Protest for Their Release as they warned regime in the past !

 Leaders of Green Movement ( Musavi, Karoubi and Rahnavard )starting their third year imprisonment ( House Arrest ) Under Presence of Many Security Agents !

Musavi's children in a statement have said: They have absolutely no news about their parents, who have been under house arrest for almost two years. The children also are worried about the health of their parents Mr. Mir Hossein Musavi( 10th Presidential Candidate )and Mrs. Zahra Rahnavard at a time when 11th presidential election is going to take place just in five months on June 12,2013. The children added : "Many security agent are present at the house and controlling everything. This is illegal and it looks like kidnapping. They should be immediately and unconditionally released. "


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